The Return of Noonan: Thankful to be Back


Greetings all,

It has been too long.

Who-nan? I hear some of you asking. And yes, to those of you who’ve only recently sidled up next to the like-minded souls here on the 19th hole, I appear as a newcomer. To those who have long been here at the bar and are signaling the waiter for another round, I have been admittedly indisposed. An explanation is long overdue:

Upon awakening at the dawn of 2015, I found myself shouldering my trusted (and accursed) collection of irons, woods, putters and misplaced optimism — and starting out for a long 18. I had foregone the cart (my recent predilections for a finely mixed manhattan, or ten, had demanded certain lifestyle compromises, the terms of which my waistline, my liver and my taste buds have all agreed upon hencewith.)


Greatness lies within.
Greatness lies within.


But after my first 18, I felt a lacking. An unease. This, despite a string of birdies on the back 9, an up/down for par that could’ve easily been a triple, and a delightful half-flask of Ardbeg Uigeadail. So I walked for another 18. And another after that. And so on. Soon I found I myself in the Far East, under the watchful instruction of the old masters who practice the ancient arts.


The masters know with time comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes whisky.
The masters know with time comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes whisky.


I’m not sure how long I stayed, but at some point between my third dram and three thousandth, I seem to have wandered south-er. I recollect riding motorcycles with Cambodian street gangs, arm wrestling a baron in Luxembourg for half his kingdom (we settled at a fifth), and hunting narwhal with the Inuit.


Damn thing has a sword on its face.
Damn thing has a sword on its face.


Then again, perhaps I was half-hallucinating a beer commercial. Still, it wouldn’t explain my newfound ability for scrimshaw.

It wasn’t until I found myself at an ayahuasca ceremony deep in the Amazon jungle that the sudden, blinding revelation hit me that it was time to return home.


Come back, Noonan, come baaaaaacccckkkkk…
Come back, Noonan, come baaaaaacccckkkkk…


And here I am.

Where is all of this leading? I don’t know and that’s point. Where is any of this leading? Why does it have to lead anywhere? What if we simply sit in the moment and be thankful for what all surrounds us? I suspect most of us have some semblance of a roof over our head and people who, at best, love us and who, at worst, tolerate us enough to eat their poultries and drink their alcohols. To whit, I raise a glass and proclaim my thanks for a few things.

I am thankful for a good shirt on my back. Should you find yourself in need of one, my dear friends here at Criquet have got you covered.

I am thankful for a well-made manhattan. Hold the cherries. Fruit is for children’s lunches, salads, and monks who know how to turn it into alcohol.

I am thankful that women have decided to make yoga pants in public a thing. I realize this has been a thing for quite some time now, but well, I just wanted to be thankful for it today. May it always be.

I am thankful there were no Adam Sandler movies in 2015— what? Oh dammit. If only another manhattan could erase that fact.

I am thankful for you, gentle reader. I am thankful that life is like a golf ball – pure but not quite perfect – and how we should all aspire to live as though we were like it… flying far and wide, with purpose but open to chance. In other words…

Be the ball,



…and Happy Thanksgiving, naturally.

What is the 19th Hole?

What is the 19th Hole? from The Criquet Caddy on Vimeo.

Dear Criqueteers,
I am here today to talk about something very near and dear to our hearts: The 19th Hole.

You see, the spirit of the 19th hole is what Criquet’s ultimately all about. Mistakenly believed by some to be any mere watering hole next to some sort of golf course, the 19th hole is actually much more ethereal and amazing than that. The 19th hole is wherever and whenever you’re most at ease (AKA wherever you can chill the hardest).

For some, it’s found over a stout in the Kingdom of Fife (that’s in Scotland for all you non-believers). For others, it could be at a tailgate in Athens, or more importantly, Chapel Hill, NC (I see you, alma mater). To us, it’s our favorite bar on Rainey Street, a relaxing afternoon at Barton Springs, or simply the backyard of the Clubhouse.  Austin is filled with 19th Holes.

Wherever YOUR 19th Hole might be, you’ll know it at once. That magical feeling? It could be sheer joy, or it could just be that last shot of Jameson.

Whatever you do, when you find it, just make damned sure you’re dressed for the occasion.

So now, without further adieu, let me introduce a video that could change your life forever, or at least entertain you for ninety-three seconds. It is lovingly and accurately titled: “What is the 19th Hole?” Profanities may or may not ensue.

I hope you have as much fun watching it as we had making it.

Hobson Brown
Criquet Shirts Co-Founder


The J.R. Shirt Three Ways

Welcome to the most versatile, most badass, most comfortable shirt out there. Proudly made right here in Texas.

There are so many reasons why we love our new J.R. Shirts, besides their Texas-made quality and the super soft feel of the chamois fabric we used to make them. The versatility of this shirt is unprecedented, so much so that you can wear it as a jacket, shirt, OR a sweater. Here’s how:1 2 3

Sneak Peek: The J.R. Shirt

Known lovingly by some as a “shacket” (shirt + jacket), our upcoming J.R. Shirt is a versatile, super soft and comfortable piece for this fall and winter. Named after one of television’s most notorious villains, J.R. Ewing was nothing short of pretty badass. Even if he was an a-hole. Which we are not denying. Made in Texas for badasses, this shirt can take you from days at the ranch to nights in the city effortlessly.


Check out the following pics from our photoshoot (at Bar W ranch here in Texas) of this awesome shirt (or jacket), and then check back tomorrow for the official launch:

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Five Times Pro Golfers Got it Wrong This Season

Should have worn a Players shirt…

1. Pelle Edberg at the British Open: Pop quiz! Is that monstrosity atop Edberg’s head A. To keep the hair out of his eyes, B. To keep his head warm or C. The latest in hospitalized head injury fashion?


2. Kevin Na at the US Open: Either he fell into bowl of Alphabet Soup on his Way to the Open, or his shirt is an encoded message to alien life forms.


3. Ryo Ishikawa at the 2015 Players Championship: We thought the video game was cool and the TV series was great for the 80’s, but we aren’t so sure that “Miami Vice” is ever going to work out in the golf world.


4. Ian Poulter at the 2015 Honda Classic: The sheeny polyestor on this one is regrettable. Do we even need to address the colors?


5. Graham DeLaet at the 2015 Arnold Palmer Invitational: DeLaet rolled out of bed and thought “I want to look like TV static today.”