Noonan at Noon: Know Thy Selfie

To thine own selfie be true.” – said Shakespeare, never.

My friends,

In the off hours from my worthy summertime pursuits of golf, barbeque, and ice-cold gin rickeys, I began to notice a disturbing trend take shape in the Social Medias (y’know, the place we go to stalk the people we haven’t spoken to in five years). “Welcome to 2009, Noonan”, I hear you saying. And yes, granted, the selfie is not necessarily a new phenomenon, I just don’t remember them being so brazenly ever-present.

Shakespeare attempting one of the first-ever documented selfies, along with the first ever-documented hairstyle known as the “Gallagher.”

Whereas once the selfie was the occasional and understandable “Hey, here I am in Mongolia in front of the orphanage I just built!“ or “Is it normal for a unicorn horn to be growing from my forehead?”, it has now turned into “Hey! here’s me doing something that 99% of you could give a rat’s patoot about, and I’m forcing you to look at me—AND YOU SHALL LOOK AT ME, DAMMIT!” The frozen smile, the vapid searching eyes, and the expression that says “if this doesn’t get at least 10 likes my life will be meaningless.”

A few weeks ago it was announced, that Kim Kardashian is releasing a book of selfies in the spring of 2015 (mark your calendars not to get it!). It’s not so much a book, per se, as it is a collection of pictures Kim Kardashian took of herself. Which means it’s not so much a collection of pictures she took of her herself, per se, as it the marker for how far we’ve fallen as a civilization. She may hold the distinct honor of being the official signpost for when humanity went over the cliff.

Sorry grandfathers who fought in WWII, this is what we did with the freedom you gave us.

Then there was the recent iCloud caper in which thousands of celebrity photos were leaked online for the leering enjoyment of America’s youth and creepy divorcées. Aside from the gross invasion of privacy, it brought to light another take on the selfie: the nude selfie. Apparently this is a thing with a lot of people. A LOT of people. This just further confirms my suspicion that most of life is like one big Eyes Wide Shut party to which yours truly was not invited.

“Hey, who brought a camera in here?”

What do we do in this new world where everyone clamors for a ‘like’, an LOL, or the comment equivalent of “Hey, I see you seeing yourself!” as a validation of one’s existence? Perhaps my own selfie will yield some sort of clarity…

Noonan in the raw.

Hmm. Nah. I’m heading back out to the course. I’ll see you on the 19th. Until then, as always,

Be the Ball,


A Noonan Family Vacation

Happy 278th year of existence, America.

We’ve had a good run thus far. Some great times, some bad times, some times when we weren’t as nice to everyone as we should be. A few times when we were jerkholes, and a lot more times when we did things right.

Then there was that one time we did more than just fine in that 2014 global intergalactic game of kick the ball past the guy into a net.

If not for your beer, Belgium, this game would be wholly unforgivable.

But now it’s time for your birthday, America, which comes on the heels of Canada Day. I mention this for no other reason than to posit: what the hell exactly is Canada Day?

What’s yer point, hoser?

But I’m not here to talk about traditions as common as buying a 3-gallon jar of mayonnaise from your neighborhood OmniMart. For July is the the time in every man’s life where he embarks on the summer vacation. Or for those of us in the throes of our 30s, the summer family vacation.

Don’t let the word “vacation” deceive you. For this is a time when you decide to take a break from the stresses of home, and stress out about them in a wholly new environment.

A 3-hour road trip to the beach becomes an epic, nightmarish haul of a) kids or b) kids and in-laws or c) kids and your parents or d) kids and your friends and their kids or e) any or all combination of everything I just listed here. God help us all.

“We’re not pulling over for ANY reason…I told you to go back at the gas station!”

My friends, finding the 19th hole in such a stressful clime is damn near impossible. TO say nothing of the unloading, the meals, the early wake-ups, the screwed-up sleep schedules, the close quarters, the kid with explosive bodily functions at 2:37am, the sudden (and constant) disappearance of money from your wallet, and the daily assault upon your nerves and patience from people you thought you knew and loved. And if you’re hoping for fireworks on the 4th, well, simply get into an argument with your wife about who’s held the toddler the most during mealtimes and can-I-please-just-have-3-minutes-to-eat-my-f@#$ing-hamburger. (Sadly, the fireworks on summer family vacation are rarely of the bedroom kind, especially when the travel crib is in your room.)

I am exhausted simply typing it.

I offer no pearls, no tricks o’ the trade, no hidden insight into the travails that await all of us lucky enough to have wonderfully weird groups of people whom we love and who love us and who, for some reason, we annually sequester ourselves with in different, expensive locales.

Who’s ready to have fun at all costs?

Sunshine, cheap beer, and the occasional breath of fresh air are your friends. Cherish them, savor their brief and fleeting presences, much like you would a cool breeze on a hot beach.

Happy trails, comrades, may you live to fight another vacation next year. And be the ball.



Noonan is Back: The Glorious Mystery of Meat

Greetings, my friends. I have returned.

For these past few months, I’ve wandered hither and yon, through fairway and forest and well-tended green. I’ve had some rough patches along the way, yes, but nothing from which a sturdy 7-iron couldn’t save me. Also, rumor has it I got my card, and entered a few tournaments. And that rumor was started by me.

Still, in my brief sabbatical, I’ve seen some sights. Bubba owning the Masters. Brendan Todd taking the Colonial. Martin Kaymer’s 23-foot putt to clinch the Players (Sir Duf, I lost a bottle of whisky on you – a Johnnie Black, but still.) Our very own Chris Doak – the 323rd best player in the world and proud wearer of Criquet apparel – is slated to play in the Pinehurst after finishing just 12 away from Rory at the BMW Open. Chris, well done, lad.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Dammit. YES.

But I return to you, not with tales of 18 holes but of the 19th. For in my journeys across our fine country, in our human rituals of roasting meats over fire, I came to realize an epidemic of laziness had overtaken the land. 

You see, post Memorial Day, it occurred to me that most Americans have no idea how to make a hamburger. This is a national travesty.

I have seen too many store-bought, pre-made patties. Too many unseasoned, 95% lean abominations. To say nothing of the occasional turkey patty masquerading as cow (perish the thought!). So comrades, I sought, I found, and I now present to you: the best goddamned hamburger you’ll ever have in your life.

This is NOT the greatest burger in the world. This is just a (very generic) tribute.
Now, dilettantes of the Big Green Egg, sultans of the smokers, and craftsman of the cast iron, I would not dream of accusing you of such burgerous blasphemy. By all means, pour yourself an icy Coors yellow belly or a Gin Rickey (I am partial to St. George gin and half a lime myself) and do your thing. We’ll meet again soon.

For the rest of you, read on.

This burger is not for the faint of heart, or the clogged of artery. It is also a bit unorthodox, as it is created inside one’s abode. Of course, charcoal is a different (and beauteous) beast. However, when the summer season hangs hot and sweaty upon your brow, you’ll be glad to be cooking these amidst the blessing of air conditioning.


2 pounds of sirloin steak tips. 

Food processor. 


Do not mince. Pulse until chunky and then spread on a cookie sheet.

Melt 4 tablespoons of butter, pour on the meat, douse liberally with salt and pepper. (And if you’re not using kosher salt, God help you.)

Form patties, roughly ½ pound each.

Cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate for an hour. (Crucial in allowing the butter to set and for you to enjoy a Gin Rickey.)

We let meat rest so that we may rest ourselves.

Now, get a cast iron skillet and place that sucker over a medium-high flame. Once smokingly hot, sear patties on both sides. Then place in an oven at 300˚ until done (about 130˚ in the middle, according to your meat thermometer). What, you’ve never used a meat thermometer for burgers? Holy St. Anthony!* I’m pouring myself another Coors yellow belly.

*Patron saint of butchers

St. Anthony loved animals. Especially with potato salad.
Laying aside the necessity of cheese (to each his own) there comes the conundrum of condiments. Ketchup or mustard? No, my friends, you want pub sauce. 


¾ cup of mayo

2 Tablespoons soy

1 T brown sugar

1 T Worcestershire sauce

1 T minced chives

2 garlic cloves, minced

Generous twists of black pepper


Now. NOW. The crowning moment. Put burger and sauce together. Put inside good buns (challah, brioche, whatever). Put inside mouth parts and into your belly guts.

As to what to drink with your creation, well, that’s a whole other story in and of itself. In a pinch, my experience is that cheap canned beer cracked open at a hair above freezing makes an excellent dining companion. 

Until next time, comrades. God bless ‘Murica. And be the ball.

- Noonan


We celebrate Father’s Day to honor the brave men who have ascended to the world of Fatherhood: a brave place filled with dirty diapers, endless nagging, sleepless nights and the challenge of preserving whatever dignity is left after the fact. All dads are Superdads in some way or another; some are just more famous than others.

Today we celebrate these men for their accomplishments: for their uncanny ability to make mushy mac & cheese, for their knowledge of all things (even the things they know nothing about), for their leadership and for their love as they lead their brood through the ups and downs of growing up.  

Thank you Dads.

Superdad JFK with his twelve kids.
Lloyd Bridges and his little “Dude”. Early abiding at its finest.
Superdads like Clint Eastwood make the saying “like father, like son” seem strangely inadequate.
This Redford Superdad owns his own Ski Resort.  Respect.
Superdad Vader lending a hand.
Superdad Nicholson with his daughter Jennifer. Cannot speak to his parenting skills but must have had it’s moments.
Superdad Nicklaus wins The 89 Masters at age 46 with his son Jackie on his bag.
Superdad Sinatra with daughter Nancy , her Godfather Don Corleone and Luca Brasi.
Superdad Hoffman probably using the pool analogy to explain the meaning of life to his progeny. No, we don’t know what the pool analogy is either.
Superdad Charles spends his 10 minutes per day with his son William.
Superdad Niven sharing laughs and cocktails with his sons, aged 15 and 12.
The Dudes.
Superdad McQueen teaching his son how to look cool in the desert.


Celebrities Grillin': Memorial Day Edition

Memorial Day is great for a few reasons. Not only have we dedicated this day to remember those who fought bravely for our country, but charcoal-enthusiasts everywhere have also dedicated this day to mark the start of the grilling season.

In celebration, we give you Celebrities Grillin’. May the smell of hops and charcoal linger throughout your summer.

Recently voted by People Magazine to be the world’s sexiest hamburger.
“Yeah, that’s right, Presidential Aprons biotch.”
Heidi, you had us at the first pork chop.
Skrillex or Bono? Whoever it is, they are probably grilling tofu burgers. We respect the flame, though.
Grills? No, GRILLZ.
Nice frat-tat, Efron. Someone get this man a Criquet shirt.
George Foreman, the man who single-handedly tried to ruin the integrity of the backyard BBQ.
Hulk Hogan, the man who tried to rip off George Foreman.
The Rock: the man who brought it all back. First meal: Hogan’s left hand.


Who’s Wearing Criquet: Pro Golfer Chris Doak

Criquet is proud to sponsor European Tour Pro, Scotsman Chris Doak, as he travels the world crushing balls and dropping 30-footers.

Doaky is the perfect match for Criquet, not only for his old school style and appreciation for the game, but because, like us, he understands the value of knocking back a cold one after the round.

The man himself looking good in a Hibiscus Players Shirt.

When did you pick up your first club?  I was 4 years old but I didn’t start playing until I was nine due to a problem with my hips.

Was the game inherited?  Yes my father’s uncle taught him and then my dad taught me the game.

Home course?  Don’t have one at the moment.

Tell us about the signature hat?  I always loved the style from the old gangster movies (and on Ben Hogan) and I wanted to be different from everyone else wearing a baseball hat. Enter in the fact that my head is literally massive and baseball hats don’t fit correctly.

Doak’s signature hat makes an appearance during every match.

The inspiration?  Well I always wanted to wear the hat as my golfing hero was Ben Hogan, but I thought people would *take the piss. (*Translation: tease me.)

Hogan badass-ing. A righteous style-inspirer.

My wife and I were at an AC/DC concert in Glasgow and obviously the lead singer wears a similar hat and all that went through my head was a montage of the song “Back in Black” with me wearing the cap and shooting 59.

How did you find out about us?  I found you through a internet search for 100% cotton hard-collared polos.

What about Criquet appealed to you?  The Organic cotton really attracted me to Criquet as I only wear 100% cotton shirts, and when I saw you guys’ shirts were hard-collared and organic it was perfect. The look of the shirts is old school but ageless, which is why I contacted you.

Favorite 19th Hole?  Clubhouse Turnhouse golf club, Edinburgh.

…and off course?  The Crown Hotel in Killarny, Ireland. I had my first Guinness there and the local music was playing… Great place!

Doak, Guinness and Criquet go together like PBJ. And bread.

Favorite beer/spirit at said 19th Hole?  Oh got a few but I’d really have to say Guinness, then a Corona with no lime *because fruit shouldn’t be associated with beer EVER. (*Criquet does not necessarily endorse this opinion, but we respect it.)

Favorite Course?  I love the Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle in Dornoch, Scotland.

Why did you let Lefty win the Scottish Open?  Well, he travelled longer than I did and his private jet only had enough fuel to get to Muirfield… So naturally I thought I’d be a good host and gift him some fuel money.

We call this pose “Eagle to Base”.

Favorite Moment from 2013 US Open at Merion?  Hitting a 5 iron to 3 foot on the 18th right next to Ben Hogan’s marker.

Funniest/favorite playing partners?  Michael Lorenzo-Vera because he is a crazy Frenchman.

When are you coming to visit Austin?  Only if you get me on Shady Oaks. The Invitational 2015? I’m sure if it fits in with my schedule!

Best look?  Got to go with Ty Webb.

Ty Webb, ’80, Bushwood Club Championship (Lacy Underall not included).

Cheers to Chris as he makes his run for back-to-back US Open appearances, while quietly conquering 19th Holes everywhere… Go Low, Doaky!

An Open Letter to Jason Dufner

Dear Sir Dufner,


Er…how is it wherever you are right now? Presumably you are either at or near a golf course, in which case we’d agree that things are very well for you indeed. Especially if you’re hitting strong and straight off the tee (no greater feeling, really.) However, there is a remote chance you are reading this in the john, in an airport, or in a john at an airport. Not the most ideal of circumstances, but – much like a 5-foot putt that just baaaarely lips the hole on what would’ve been a crowning birdie – sometimes that’s the way life goes.

Ahem. Anyway.

Apologies, we’re fairly excited to be speaking with you. For a while we’ve admired your game on the tour – the ease of your swing, the ease of your posture, and the ease of which your hat hair blows in the breeze.

#moredufnering #whatdoesthefoxsay 

You are a man of class, taste and a Major champion. A man who knows how to win 18 holes and then conquer the 19th. A man who celebrates winning the PGA by seeing how many beers can be put inside the trophy. To put it rather bluntly, Mr. Dufner, we like the cut of your jib. And a jib as nicely-cut as yours deserves a fine cut of cloth to go with it.

In short, you, sir, are a Criquet man.

Lose that last “F” and this is f’ing perfect.

As the 16th greatest golfer in all the land, we know that your top priority is winning tournaments and kicking proverbial ass. That’s great, that’s your thing. Wearing super-awesome, vintage-inspired Criquet golf shirts made from organic cotton is probably a bit lower on your list. We’d just like to move it up a few notches.

The look of a man who slays 18 holes and rules the 19th.

You don’t even have to be the official sponsored golfer of Criquet Shirts, per se. It could just be something you put on in the morning when you go out to win huge golf tournaments. Or something you put on right after winning. You see, as we are the official sponsors of the 19th hole, it would only make sense that you were clad in something that says “I’m ready to properly toast my victory.” We think Criquet would look as natural on you as the Wanamaker trophy looks in your hands, and as good on you as your wife looks in your arms.

Age-old question: How many beers fit inside the Wanamaker? DUFNER: 43

Speaking of, we would be remiss in neglecting to mention the ease of which Mrs. Dufner hits America’s eyes – that is to say, she is rather smoking. Like, Mickelson’s wife smoking. We mention this, of course, out of reverence for the good Lord’s handiwork and for the fact that you have chosen her to likewise bear the Dufner name. That, and you grabbed her posterior on national television after winning the Open. To this we respectfully doff our cap and say “well done.”

Good game all around.

So. Where does this leave us?

Sir Duf (can we call you Duf?) we invite you to become the ambassador of the 19th hole. The official sponsor of winning tournaments and being an all-around bad ass. The badassamador, if you will. And, perhaps, the occasional wearer of 19th hole Criquet shirts.

On April 12th we’re going to host a Masters shindig in Austin. At the new Criquet Clubhouse on South 1st and Monroe. A tournament-watching/beer-drinking/BBQ-eating/scotch-quaffing/more-beer-drinking/llamas sort of thing. Everyone is invited.

Naturally, you’ll be playing in the Masters so we don’t expect to see you there. But let us posit this: go to the Shell Houston Open a couple weeks before, win it, then swing by for a celebratory whiskey in Austin. Do you like bourbon? We’re betting you like bourbon. And beer. And beer with a sidecar of bourbon.

It’s all coming together, Sir Duf. We’ll leave a glass out for you. And a few shirts. We think you’ll like ‘em.

Good luck. And be the ball,


EDITOR’S NOTE: With the recent sprung-ing of Spring, Noonan has felt the itch to get out on the course and “play a hole or 18 or 36 or 450.” He’ll be on hiatus for just a short while, hitting the links and the occasional bottle of scotch. If you see him, buy him a cold one and remind him that his editor is waiting for more material. 

South by South Eh.

Ah, pretension. Thy name is South By.

Even the fact that we’ve taken to referring to “South By Southwest” as “South By” and spelling it “SXSW” feels a bit too smug for it’s own good. Let’s not be surprised when hipster hordes decide to truncate its overabundance of syllables into a mere grunt: Suh-Buh.

It’s a yearly spectacle that many the world clamor to attend, and one that most Austinites avoid by renting out our homes to wealthy Europeans for outlandish fees. (Why else do you think we’re okay with Formula One being held here in November – we’re talking Sultan money here, people.)

Wristbands. Badges. It’s nearly impossible to see or experience anything without the proper credentials, a few letters of recommendation, a secret handshake and a special power crystal. “I’m sorry sir, you can’t walk on the sidewalk, or even glance in the direction of that building – that’s for uber titanium, gold-rimmed, diamond-encrusted badge members…to even get one of these you have to literally set a stack of $10,000 on fire in front of a 4-person panel who votes on whether your mustache is properly waxed.”

So yes, we’ve reached a point where it’s just too much. Too many people. Too many companies.  Too many buzzwords. Too many hashtags screaming for your attention like a desperate ex you broke up with a few months back: “Please! Retweet us! Share us with your friends! LOVE US! ARRRGH!!!”

Case in point, pop-up tents like this one urging us to come in and take a load off (yes, sorry, too easy).

Refresh and massage what, exactly?

This was Cottonelle’s press release for their South By Southwest presence :

“…bath tissue maker Cottonelle will be on hand helping attendees stay clean and fresh as they take in the latest in tech trends. Recognizing a need for a place where people can go to freshen up onsite, Cottonelle is offering a …one-stop shop where weary registrants can go to relax, recharge and freshen up during their day. The TP maker will also “upgrade” select bathrooms onsite at SXSW by stocking stalls with Cottonelle toilet paper and flushable cleansing cloths so visitors can experience the clean and freshness of Cottonelle firsthand.”

No surprise that a brand so well-versed in crap would be so adept at spewing it.

For the love of all that’s good and holy, Cottonelle. We know what you do. We know your purpose. We know where we use you. We don’t want to discuss you. We just need you to work and then go away with a resounding flush. #pleaseneveraskustotweetorinstagramanything.

Perhaps I should feel a bit guilty singling out poor Cottonelle. No doubt some senior marketing person, after months of research, marched into a January shareholder meeting, snapped his suspenders and proudly declared “I know! We’ll attend the South By the Southwest!” And Cottonelle was hardly alone in their Who-Invited-These-Guys?” status (Ahem, Subway.)

Then there’s the music portion. Where pretension reaches a fever pitch.

As a dear friend pointed out, we are on this planet to fill our bellies a few times a day and eventually make miniature versions of ourselves. Anything beyond that is our own damn collective fault. Surely, the gross apotheosis of our own materialism and hubris can be seen in a 64-foot Doritos machine. No one to blame but us. And Lady Gaga for performing on it.

Does the world really need a giant Doritos vending machine, or Lady Gaga? This is rhetorical, read on.


Friends, I can’t even muster any cynical afterburners to discuss how one gets into this Doritos sponsored Lady Gaga thing. Suffice to say, it involved tweeting about what  makes one a bold individual and — God, I can’t type the rest. This lady wore a meat suit a few years back, remember? Doritos are merely bags of triangle-shaped processed cheese powder, remember?

Dammit America, what are we doing?

I’ve barely mentioned all the “secret shows” that pop up around the city, mostly providing “oh you shoulda been there” bragging rights for those who just happened to be there accidentally.


So yes, maybe you didn’t do the hashtag thing that unlocks the app which gives you the map to “Metallica and Coolio performing the entire James Taylor catalog, in the 4th stall bathroom of the Target off Hwy 290, 1 a.m.” Life goes on.

Still. Would I scoff at the thrill of going for lunch and running headlong into an impromptu street corner jam featuring Les Claypool? Or Jack White suddenly playing in an alley only a couple blocks from where I work?

Hmmm. Oh Suh-Buh. It’s so hard to quit you.

See you here in 2015, world. In the meantime, be the ball.


Organic Golf Shirts & Polos