An oasis of ingenuity, class and alarmingly awesome shirts located in one of the best ‘hoods in Austin, TX.


Be greeted by the handsome mug of Rodney Dangerfield (circa Caddyshack era) as you park in a specially reserved spot for customers, club champions, and/or Danny Noonan.


Walking in, to your left you’ll see our trophy wall (read: Best Mustache, Invitational 2015), and the holy grail of shirts. To the right, NBA Jam. Continue further, and you will find us, the purveyors and creators in our natural habitat here at Criquet HQ.


Venture through the back door and see the adult playground of your dreams, equipped with an outdoor bar, a putting green, a hammock, a picnic table, a mural of Bill Murray, cornhole, the ‘water hazard’, and Austin’s shortest driving range (read: a net).

Also, tiki torches.

Stop by the clubhouse, meet the team, and experience the wonders for yourself:

1603 S. 1st St. | Austin, TX | 78746