Bar for Course

The Name Says it All: Drunk on Golf at the 19th Hole in Elie, Scotland

We all know sports bars. The stale beer, the little bowl of peanuts, the low burble of some inconsequential game in the background intermingled with curses from the kitchen because the buffalo-blue-cheese-nacho-ranch-jalapeno poppers are burning, and on corporate team trivia night at that. But golf bars? No, we’re not talking bars you can go to after a round for a nice quiet pint, because there’s a bajillion of those. But an honest-to-god golf bar? Where would one even find such a place?

Well, Scotland is a good place to start, specifically near the Elie course in Fife. That’s where you’ll find the 19th Hole. And we don’t mean a bar that makes for a nice 19th Hole, we mean a golf-themed Scottish tavern that literally goes by that name. Beyond the coat rack made from old clubs and the urinals (yes, urinals!) made from old kegs, you’ll find a pleasant pub with all the barley-based Scottish products available that a parched golfer would ever need, complete with fireplace, comfy chairs, and locals happy to talk your ear off about the true sport of kings.

And should a fierce hunger take hold of ya’, don’t be afraid to try the Cullen Skink. Despite its vaguely reptilian name, it’s actually a Scottish chowder made from smoked haddock, potatoes, and onions. Goes pretty well with most barley-based Scottish beverages, as a matter of fact. A little too well, some might even say. But as the chalkboard on the wall clearly states, in no uncertain terms, “every good round deserves another.”

Several other, we would contend, if you’re going to do the 19th Hole proper justice.