Bar for Course

The Only Game in Town: Planter’s Punch at the Pequot Inn

If there’s any 19th hole irony to Fishers Island on the Long Island Sound, it’s this: there are more places to play golf then there are to drink afterwards. The island has two golf courses, the famous 18-hole Fishers Island Club course, which regularly gets ranked among the best in the country, as well as a 9-hole course at Hay Harbor. When it comes to post-round adult beverages, however, you really only have the following choices: you can have a drink at the Pequot Inn, or you can have several drinks at the Pequot Inn. Which is a smart-ass way of saying that the Pequot Inn is the only drinking establishment on the island. Unless you count the alley behind the liquor store where “Captain Larry” hangs out, but mercifully, we will not.

But what the island lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality, as the Pequot Inn is one hell of a place to cool off and unwind after a long afternoon on the links. Located right on Montauk Avenue, the place looks like some kind of glorious, be-shingled retirement home for legendary sea captains, complete with balconies, bunting, and boisterous regulars. And should you make it past the pool tables and miniature flashing disco floor and approach the bar, do pay heed: steer clear of Fishers Island Lemonade (unless you’re still using a fake ID and drinking “malternatives,” in which case it’s ok), and go straight for the Planter’s Punch. Made from dark rum and tropical juices, this undeniably stiff local favorite will have you dancing with Captain Larry on the miniature flashing disco floor before you know it.

And if you can’t make it to Fishers Island anytime soon for Planter’s Punch, never fear. We tickled Captain Larry with an antique feather duster until he gave us the secret recipe (just kidding, we actually got it from the Fishers Island supermarket website). But feel free to give it a try.

Fishers Island Planter’s Punch:

1 oz. dark rum

3 oz. pineapple juice

¼ oz. grenadine

2 oz. orange juice

Shake or stir and serve over ice.