Comfortably Off-Course With...

Comfortably Off-Course With Bruce Robison

Bruce Robison is our kind of dude. As a performer, songwriter, and producer, Bruce is known for doing things his own way….not with an arrogance or attitude, but in a way that makes you appreciate and respect him more.

A well known singer-songwriter from right here in Austin, Bruce has written numerous #1’s (George Straight and The Dixie Chicks come to mind). Like Criquet, he is a lover of things that are well-designed, stand the test of time, and ain’t “broke.”

If there ever was a physical place that told Bruce’s story and described him as a man, it’s his recording studio outside of Austin. The Bunker, as it’s known, feels like another player in the band.

We recently spent a day out at The Bunker as Bruce and his crew masterfully recorded a couple tracks by Charlie Crockett, another one of our favorites.

The beer was cold, the vibe was right, and the sounds were sweet.