What is the 19th Hole?

What is the 19th Hole? from The Criquet Caddy on Vimeo.


Dear Criqueteers,
I am here today to talk about something very near and dear to our hearts: The 19th Hole.

You see, the spirit of the 19th hole is what Criquet’s ultimately all about. Mistakenly believed by some to be any mere watering hole next to some sort of golf course, the 19th hole is actually much more ethereal and amazing than that. The 19th hole is wherever and whenever you’re most at ease (AKA wherever you can chill the hardest).

For some, it’s found over a stout in the Kingdom of Fife (that’s in Scotland for all you non-believers). For others, it could be at a tailgate in Athens, or more importantly, Chapel Hill, NC (I see you, alma mater). To us, it’s our favorite bar on Rainey Street, a relaxing afternoon at Barton Springs, or simply the backyard of the Clubhouse.  Austin is filled with 19th Holes.

Wherever YOUR 19th Hole might be, you’ll know it at once. That magical feeling? It could be sheer joy, or it could just be that last shot of Jameson.

Whatever you do, when you find it, just make damned sure you’re dressed for the occasion.

So now, without further adieu, let me introduce a video that could change your life forever, or at least entertain you for ninety-three seconds. It is lovingly and accurately titled: “What is the 19th Hole?” Profanities may or may not ensue.

I hope you have as much fun watching it as we had making it.

Hobson Brown
Criquet Shirts Co-Founder