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The Best-Dressed Ryder Cup Fans of All Time

There are a few reasons why we love the Ryder Cup so much. Not only does it mark the beginning of Fall golf season, but it is also a beacon of higher fashion and fan-dom. You’ve seen the best and worst outfits of the golfers, but have you seen what’s on the other side of that string fence? We think not.

These people may not be playing any golf, but they ARE playing the game of life, and winning. Here are some of the best-dressed Ryder Cup attendees.

Ryder-Cup-fan-outfits-4Wendy’s couldn’t afford the official advertising fee, so they improvised.

Morphsuit-001This guy just blends right in with the scenery. Life: 0, this guy: 1.

Ryder-Cup-fan-outfits-6-576x420These guys must be looking for Lacy Underall.

A Team Europe golf spectator watches play on the sixth fairway during a practice round at the 39th Ryder Cup matches at the Medinah Country Club in MedinahIs that part of the green? Wearing a human?

rydercup7Paul Revere’s nightmare, come to life.

rydercup2Those hats are the reason we get out of bed every morning.

rydercup3Sincerely hope this hair is real, but have a good feeling it’s not…

rydercup4Knights of the grounds table. From the knees up.

rydercup5Think this one speaks for itself…

rydercup6The Ryder Cup is so much fun, even leprechauns can’t resist the allure.

rydercup1We don’t know what’s better: the costumes in the front, the wigs in the back, or the awkward American photobombing the crap out of this picture.

blog1What’s Miguel Jimenez doing in the stands at the 2010 Ryder Cup?   Find out here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1319177/Cigar-guy-revealed-Global-phenomenon-Rupesh-Shingadia.html

blog2Limited edition USA velour track suits or the cardinal sin of wearing sweatpants in public?  You decide.

blog3Note to self.   Avoid sitting behind Captain America.