Wisdom from The Clubhouse

Five Times Pro Golfers Got it Wrong This Season

Should have worn a Players shirt…

1. Pelle Edberg at the British Open: Pop quiz! Is that monstrosity atop Edberg’s head A. To keep the hair out of his eyes, B. To keep his head warm or C. The latest in hospitalized head injury fashion?


2. Kevin Na at the US Open: Either he fell into bowl of Alphabet Soup on his Way to the Open, or his shirt is an encoded message to alien life forms.


3. Ryo Ishikawa at the 2015 Players Championship: We thought the video game was cool and the TV series was great for the 80’s, but we aren’t so sure that “Miami Vice” is ever going to work out in the golf world.


4. Ian Poulter at the 2015 Honda Classic: The sheeny polyestor on this one is regrettable. Do we even need to address the colors?


5. Graham DeLaet at the 2015 Arnold Palmer Invitational: DeLaet rolled out of bed and thought “I want to look like TV static today.”