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Leather and Wool Headcover Suggestions

Good News: Golf companies have gotten very good at making drivers that make the ball fly farther and straighter

Fact: 95% of the headcovers that come with these drivers have zero style and often function poorly.

Good News: There are lots of cool leather and wool headcovers worthy of your sticks.

I am not sure when, but somewhere along the way golf companies decided it was in their best interest to make headcovers that featured the biggest logo possible and required MacGyver like dexterity to take them on and off. Fear not, below is a list of can’t miss leather and wool headcovers that will last far longer than the current love affair you have with your driver.

CRU Golf: CRU headcovers come in two basic styles, Classic and Reserve. The primary difference is that the Classic is a two piece design while the Reserve is three piece. Additionally, the Reserve Collection is completely customizable, ie color, style, piping and monogramming. Each headcover is made from 100% Leather and has a moisture wicking interior which also makes slipping them on and off very easy.

CRU Golf Headcover

Stitch Golf:  Stitch Golf has a large and varied selection of leather headcovers that have a vintage feel. Made from 100% leather, the Stitch headcovers are all hand cut which gives each one its own unique personality. Nearly all of the Stitch Headcovers are a two piece design but do not have any liner. From a value standpoint, Stitch is a great bang for the buck as sets of three are priced at under $100.

Stitch Golf headcover

Jan Craig: Wool headcovers are as old school as you can get as they represent the games first foray into this product line. Family owned, Jan Craig is one of the oldest headcover only companies. Since 1962, Jan Craig have been making wool covers for men like Tom Watson, Jack Nicklaus and other members of the Ryder Cup Team. Each headcover is handmade with heavy wool and feature a classic pom-pom. With nearly 40 color options, you are free to create a headcover that will be one of a kind and will last for years.

Jan Craig Headcover

Seamus Golf: Seamus Golf (pronounce SHAY-mus) is a new company but their headcovers have a unique vintage flair. Located in Portland Oregon, Seamus Golf makes tartan wool headcovers that are inspired by the old European golf shops. Not only are Seamus headcovers incredibly unique, they also have a ton of different styles which means you are virtually guaranteed to never have anyone say “hey, I have those same headcovers.” Equal to the style is the functionality because each headcover is lined with moisture wicking fleece making club removal a breeze. Beyond the vast available patterns, you can also customize a leather tag creating a truly one of a kind item.

Seamus Golf Headcover

At Criquet Shirts, we admire the individuality of these companies and their homage to the history of our glorious sport. Like all of these companies, Criquet Shirts is also inspired from times gone past but with an eye toward the future which is why all of our vintage inspired shirts are made from organic cotton.

Criquet Golf Shirt

They made the club, but the game is yours.

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