Wisdom from The Clubhouse

Meet The Founders of the Invitational Golf Tournament

We had the rare opportunity to sit down with The Founders of The Invitational Golf Tournament, an exclusive mustache-fueled golf party which takes place annually at the beloved and endangered Lions Municipal Golf Course in Austin, TX (watch the video at the bottom to see how The Founders are fighting to Save Muny).   Here’s what we found:

(Hobson, Criquet Co-Founder): How did The Founders meet?

The Founders: Founders Meat is the bestselling meat in the market today.

Hobson: There’s no arguing that you both have got great style and an affinity for tight pants. Where does that come from? Why no shorts?

The Founders: Higgins Sliders, flat front, or a Speedo. Shorts are for babies, and girls.

Hobson: We’ve heard that the winner of “best mustache” at The Invitational takes home a golf cart.   Can you talk about the qualities you look for in a ‘stache?

The Founders:  A mustache is like fine wine: It gets better with cheese and crackers in it.  Here is a picture of our Founders Reserve wine. Nothing washes a mustache down better than a free golf cart.


Hobson: You guys are known for your epic intros at The Invitational. In years past, you’ve landed a helicopter on the course, skydived onto the green, freed POW hostages, rapped with Bushwick Bill, wrestled UT’s  Board of Regents etc.. How did that start? What’s been your favorite intro to date? How do you keep topping it?

The Founders: This is all true and to answer one of your three questions, we are inflamed with a ruthless, robust hunger for insatiable greed.

The Founders exiting the helicopter they just landed on the green.
The Founders exiting the helicopter they just landed on the fairway.
Rolling up to the Invitational in the caddy, with the caddies in tow.
Rolling up to The Invitational in the Caddy, with the caddies in tow.
Just a casual freestyle with Bushwick Bill.
Just a casual freestyle with Bushwick Bill (RIP).
Going Jimmy Superfly Snuka on The Board of Regents.

Hobson: We’ve heard rumors that TMZ and Dumpster Fire TV are in a bidding war for a reality show starring you guys. What’s the show about?

The Founders: From what we’ve been told it’s going to be very, very good. We’re not really involved in the decision making. Or the filming.  

Hobson: If you could compare yourselves to a famous golfer(s) or famous person(s), who would that be? Why?

The Founders: We’re most frequently compared to Condoleeza Rice and Jon Hamm. Main difference is we’re taller.

Hobson: Ok, let’s say money and current marital status were not object, and we told you we would send you and six other people anywhere in the world for a golf trip, where would you go and who would you take?

The Founders: Sammy Davis Jr., Billy Nachman, Jimmy Carter, Hobson Brown, the ’86 Celtics, and Teen Wolf (Bateman, not Fox). We’d play one downs for $1000 – whipsawed with $50 no possession in flight whip out hammers. At Lions National. Where it begins and ends.