Wisdom from The Clubhouse

Tips For ACL Music Festival

We braved the elements, the lines, and even the port-a-pottys and survived the first weekend of ACL. As thousands more pour into Austin for weekend number two, bringing their patchouli with them, we’re prepared to help you get the most out of your wristband.

ACL headliners and headliners of every CD I burned in high school.
Beeline to these ACL headline-rs.

Tip 1: Go see Outkast.

Right now, stop reading and just GO SEE THEM. Some of the greatest love stories of the last decade began when a man met a woman on the dance floor while shaking it like a Polaroid picture. Plus,  Big Boi and Mr. 3000 don’t always get along, so check them out this weekend before they decide playing music for people in exchange for a lot of money isn’t something they want to do anymore. Fair warning: there’s about a 97% chance of a contact high, so buy munchies ahead of time.


If you see a herd of these people around a band you don’t know, stop and listen.
If you see a herd of these people around a band you don’t know, stop and listen.

Tip 2: Follow the hipsters.

Fool-proof system for identifying legit up and coming bands: follow the hipsters. Soon, they will stop liking this band because they’re “too mainstream,” and that’s fine, it just means there’s plenty of room for you on the bandwagon.  So, if you see a mass of dudes in sock hats crowding around a stage, stop and give the band a couple of songs to win you over.

Tip 3: Don’t sneak in booze.

You’re an adult. Adults buy their drinks. Yes, these drinks are overpriced, but you know what else is overpriced? Paying 300 bucks for a wristband and getting kicked out before you hear any music because they discovered that—no—you weren’t happy to see them, that was just some whiskey in your pocket. Plus this year you can’t bring in coolers, which means you have no mixers. So instead of paying four bucks for a water to mix with your snuck-in sweet tea vodka, just pay six for a beer.


Final Tip: Definitely bring an inflatable ball, it’s a given.

Those are our tips, but there’s only one rule to enjoying ACL: get after it. See as many bands as you can and go nuts with your friends, but avoid stranger danger and their hallucinogens.

Here’s to back-to-back weekends of bands, drinks, and fun you may not remember. Giddyup.