Wisdom from The Clubhouse

Who’s Wearing Criquet: Pro Golfer Chris Doak

Criquet is proud to sponsor European Tour Pro, Scotsman Chris Doak, as he travels the world crushing balls and dropping 30-footers.

Doaky is the perfect match for Criquet, not only for his old school style and appreciation for the game, but because, like us, he understands the value of knocking back a cold one after the round.

The man himself looking good in a Hibiscus Players Shirt.

When did you pick up your first club?  I was 4 years old but I didn’t start playing until I was nine due to a problem with my hips.

Was the game inherited?  Yes my father’s uncle taught him and then my dad taught me the game.

Home course?  Don’t have one at the moment.

Tell us about the signature hat?  I always loved the style from the old gangster movies (and on Ben Hogan) and I wanted to be different from everyone else wearing a baseball hat. Enter in the fact that my head is literally massive and baseball hats don’t fit correctly.

Doak’s signature hat makes an appearance during every match.

The inspiration?  Well I always wanted to wear the hat as my golfing hero was Ben Hogan, but I thought people would *take the piss. (*Translation: tease me.)

Hogan badass-ing. A righteous style-inspirer.

My wife and I were at an AC/DC concert in Glasgow and obviously the lead singer wears a similar hat and all that went through my head was a montage of the song “Back in Black” with me wearing the cap and shooting 59.

How did you find out about us?  I found you through a internet search for 100% cotton hard-collared polos.

What about Criquet appealed to you?  The Organic cotton really attracted me to Criquet as I only wear 100% cotton shirts, and when I saw you guys’ shirts were hard-collared and organic it was perfect. The look of the shirts is old school but ageless, which is why I contacted you.

Favorite 19th Hole?  Clubhouse Turnhouse golf club, Edinburgh.

…and off course?  The Crown Hotel in Killarny, Ireland. I had my first Guinness there and the local music was playing… Great place!

Doak, Guinness and Criquet go together like PBJ. And bread.

Favorite beer/spirit at said 19th Hole?  Oh got a few but I’d really have to say Guinness, then a Corona with no lime *because fruit shouldn’t be associated with beer EVER. (*Criquet does not necessarily endorse this opinion, but we respect it.)

Favorite Course?  I love the Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle in Dornoch, Scotland.

Why did you let Lefty win the Scottish Open?  Well, he travelled longer than I did and his private jet only had enough fuel to get to Muirfield… So naturally I thought I’d be a good host and gift him some fuel money.

We call this pose “Eagle to Base”.

Favorite Moment from 2013 US Open at Merion?  Hitting a 5 iron to 3 foot on the 18th right next to Ben Hogan’s marker.

Funniest/favorite playing partners?  Michael Lorenzo-Vera because he is a crazy Frenchman.

When are you coming to visit Austin?  Only if you get me on Shady Oaks. The Invitational 2015? I’m sure if it fits in with my schedule!

Best look?  Got to go with Ty Webb.

Ty Webb, ’80, Bushwood Club Championship (Lacy Underall not included).

Cheers to Chris as he makes his run for back-to-back US Open appearances, while quietly conquering 19th Holes everywhere… Go Low, Doaky!