Noonan at Noon

O Holy @#$%: Noonan’s Guide to Those Who Waited Until Last Minute.

Greetings fair ladies and fine fellows,

Christmas Day is around the corner. And with it the creeping panic that you’ve neglected to do any or all of your holiday shopping.I normally do not concern myself with sales matters, but allow me to be of assistance to you in this dark hour of yuletide forgetfulness. What follows are a few inspired gift pairings sure to get the nod of approval from your boss, your father-in-law, your brother, or yourself.

Full disclosure: these are curated from my personal collection. Alas, I can only steer you toward the fine attire, the appropriate liquid accompaniments you must attain on your lonesome. But together, they make a very fine package indeed.



Nothing says you care and in no way forgot about Christmas, like a bottle of something from the peaty, smoky, heavenly Islay region paired with a fine Organic Cotton / Cashmere V-neck from Criquet. Perfect for sitting in front of a fire and reading the first few paragraphs of War & Peace, before giving up and watching True Detective again on HBO, like a man. Get it here.

I think I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a bottle made from the deep riches of the highlands, and paired with a Cardigan that feels as soft, warming and lovely as this scotch caressing your insides. You will look like poetry sounds, so you should drink what poetry tastes like. THE END. Get it here. 


Hang on Noonan, you say — I need a gift for the red-blooded American. In that case, look no further than the luxurious elixir of Michter’s Fine AMERICAN whiskey, neatly balanced by the 100% organic, made-in-the-US of A line of Criquet pique polos. It’s classic, timeless, and if you find yourself tempted to nip a bit from the bottle yourself (patriotic duty, perhaps) then be sure to add in a classic vinyl of American music to supplement it. Get it here.



What’s a “yeoman”, you ask? The dictionary places it somewhere along the lines of a man who works his own land, or an attendant in a noble household. To be honest, I simply like the name. The yeoman is a hard worker. And there are few harder-working things in this world than a classic 100% organic cotton chambray shirt. Not to mention, a stout bottle of the workingman’s Redbreast Irish Whiskey. Get it here.



Now, for our fans in the warmer climes, I offer you the timeless n’ traditional Criquet Players Shirt. Comes in a variety of colors and wears cool, smooth and easy — much like a glass of St. George’s Terroir Gin in your hand (with a little soda water and a half lime, naturally.) Get it here.And if you insist on giving vodka instead of gin, I’m afraid I must insist that you give it with adult footed pajamas instead of Criquet fine apparel. With a few exceptions, vodka has no place in a gentleman’s repertoire — much like a fur coat. You could wear one, but why?

Finally, some fuller disclosure: perhaps I am biased, as it is Criquet who has long allowed me to share my musings on life, liberty, good drink, and the pursuit of the 19th hole. Fair enough. But I think and write what I believe, and it should come as no surprise that I believe there are few finer cloths in which to adorn yourself. Especially when Criquet offers E-Gift Cards. That’s right: the ultimate insta-gift.

Now don’t dally, friends. Merry Christmas to all and to all be the ball,