Comfortably Off-Course With Jack Sanders: Artist, Design Build Adventurer, Sandlot All-Star

When you talk to Jack Sanders to try to find out what really makes him tick, one thing immediately becomes apparent. He defies convention.

Throughout his journey, which is compelling on its own, he has used his ‘sandlot philosophy’ about life in addition to his abilities as a dreamer, teacher, adventurer and builder to found Design Build Adventure, a full-service design/build/adventure company based in Austin, Texas. ‘The Adventure’ refers to a fully collaborative design process that guides participants through workshops and camps to help folks make their dream projects ‘happen’, all the while celebrating the people, music, food, and art that make Austin unique.

When he’s not working on that, you can find him playing some ball with his Texas Playboys Baseball Team, an Austin-based, self-proclaimed social aid and pleasure club. It’s a sandlot baseball team comprised of artists and adventurers from the community, who are paving the way of the “Sandlot Revolution”.

It was only natural that we sit down for beers and pick his brain.

What are you watching right now?

Lightning Bugs on a sandlot baseball field

What are you listening to?

KAZI FM Austin 88.7 through my friend Maxie Sherfield's stereo.

What are you reading?

Not the instructions, we're just winging it! (@designbuildadventure)

What are you drinking?

Texas Playboys drink Lone Star Beer, Tito's Handmade Vodka or Charles and Charles Rosé. I like all three on ice and two of them with olives .

What is your favorite 19th Hole?

The bar, the batter's box, or the pitcher's mound at the The Long Time - the sandlot baseball facility that I have been dreaming of since I was a kid mowing empty lots in Cleburne, TX. (@thelongtimetexas)