Comfortably Off-Course With Dave Mead: Photographer, Rambler, Entrepreneur

Dave Mead is an Austin-based commercial photographer, director and soon-to-be sparkling water entrepreneur with a boyish charm and keen eye for design.

His newest venture, a sparkling water called Rambler, is Texas limestone filtered from a sustainable water source, not to mention it’s a pretty sweet looking can (more below). We’re looking forward to cracking a few this summer.  Was only fitting to dive in with Dave at Austin’s most beloved water source, Barton Springs Pool.

What are you watching right now?

Major League Baseball.  Astros are my team but I’ll watch any game.  162 games in a season.  Some folks say the game is too slow and the season is too long.  If baseball was year-round, with daily double-headers, I’d be happy. Also enjoying Mr. Robot.

What are you listening to?

Other than the kids screaming and the dogs barking?  Black Angels and Spoon new albums are pretty fantastic.  But I'll forever be stuck in the 80s.

What are you reading?

To offset the daily dose of Donald Trump and to keep things light, I’m reading The Tao of Bill Murray.  Hey, Bill. Please run for office?

What are you drinking?

Every sparkling water on the shelf. Been working with some partners to launch our very own sparkling water — Rambler. A one-of-a-kind Texas limestone filtered sparkling water. In an effort to avoid sensitive water supply, we’ll provide Austinites with a sustainable option. Rambler will proudly support the conservation of Texas lands and waters by giving part of our proceeds to Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation. We’ve partnered with Austin Beerworks, who will help us with launch, production and distribution. We’re currently making the final adjustments to our water formula, with plans to release late summer 2017.

What’s your favorite 19th Hole?

The Mohawk. They have an off-menu “beertunie” — a Miller High Life with two olives floating in it. Highly recommended.  (*Insider tip: The beardo portraits inside the Mohawk were taken by Dave as part of his "Magnificent Specimens" series. Check 'em out next visit.)

To see more of Dave's work, go here: