The Greatest 19th Hole of All: Keeping it Local at Deep Eddy Cabaret

As you may have noticed, we’re not above doing a little globe-trotting when it comes to searching out the perfect 19th Hole, and we’ve voiced our wholehearted support of drinking establishments located everywhere from the heather-clad hills of Scotland to the Kool-Aid blue bays of the Bahamas. Today, however, we’re sticking a little closer to home—and a little closer to our hearts—and staying right here in Austin, Texas.

At Deep Eddy Cabaret, as a matter of fact, which in addition to being one of the greatest dive bars you’ll ever toss back a half-pitcher in, also serves as the somewhat unofficial 19th Hole of the Lions Municipal Golf Course, just a mile down the road. The joint’s been around since 1951, and other than finally taking credit cards and adding a few non-beer options to the menu, it hasn’t changed much. Same wood paneling, same linoleum floors, same ice-cold Lone Stars, same old-school juke. And many of the same regulars who’ve been going there for decades. Seriously—if you want to hear some good stories from a former Stevie Ray Vaughan roadie, this is the place. And if you want to listen to some Stevie while he’s telling them, you can do that to.

Which is essentially what makes Deep Eddy Cabaret so f*cking great. In a city that’s changed quite a bit over the last few years, and where time-honored institutions can and do sometimes go by the wayside, Deep Eddy is practically a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s a bit like a coelacanth, which we’re pretty sure is Latin for “place where nobody looks at you funny for drinking six Lone Stars on your lunch break.” And it’s a direct link to what made Austin great in the first place—nothing too fancy, just a good-timin’ beer joint where characters are welcome, and where you can feed the juke and your soul for just a few bucks, regardless of whether you’re swinging a hammer on a construction site, a double-shift at a diner, or a 9-iron on a public course with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s roadie.

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