Comfortably Off-Course With...

Comfortably Off-Course With Penn Holderness

Penn Holderness is our kind of Dad:  Self-deprecating, funny as hell, plays a mean guitar, isn’t afraid of going big off the diving board, loves his family….and good IPAs…and of course, Criquet Shirts.  We’re not the only ones who think highly of Penn.  There are probably about twenty million or so moms out there who feel the same way.

You see, Penn is “The Dad” of The Holderness Family, a real-life family from Raleigh, North Carolina well known on the inter-webs for their music videos parodying family life.   These videos, that Penn writes and stars in, are set to pop-culture soundtracks with a Holderness twist.  To say these videos have gone viral would be an understatement. They count their views in the ga-zillions.  

If you’re new to The Holderness Family, here’s what we would call the “Holderness gateway drug” video about Thanksgiving Day family awkwardness.  You gotta watch it:

And here’s a classic about Father’s Day.

And the Fortnite phenomenon, which has a cool 25M views:

The list goes on and on.  But enough from us.  Let’s hear what Penn has to say.  Penn, what’s up dude?


Describe your personal style:

Pretty casual these days- Vintage Ts or Players shirts, vans, jeans. Winter time I wear a lot of Criquet sweaters with no undershirt. So, basically sweaters with B.O.

First concert, and how did that experience influence your current endeavors?

RUN DMC, Whodini, LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Greensboro circa 1988.Transformative concert.I thought music was one thing, and I walked out realizing it was something completely different. And this music made more sense to me. More about self expression and storytelling which is basically what I do now.

Advice for Dads trying to pass along musical taste or abilities to their sons and daughters?

Maybe don’t do it deliberately. Expose them to as many kinds of music as possible, and give them the chance to love it on their own. As far as abilities, encourage them to explore an instrument early on without lessons. Be patient and let them get to know it on their own. If they stop senselessly banging on it like a demon and start trying to figure it out, it may be time to start cultivating the talent.

Favorite 19th Hole?Why?

Whoa. So many, and I have to pick one????I really would be more comfortable with a top 20, but if I had to pick one- Biny Karaoke Bar, 6th and Canal NYC. I don’t think I need to explain why.

We’re partial to your Michael Jackson parody video, “Who’s Dad?” (see above), but what’s been the most fun one to make? Most painful?

Most fun- An original song I just did called I Didn’t Screw Up”about how all guys end up marrying up. We had backup dancers and a drone!! That’s hard to top.

Most painful-“Slime after Slime. I had the feel and smell of slime and had to rub it on my face at the end. Then I threw up. And every time I think about it I gag. I just gagged.

You can pick anyone you want (alive or not so much) to cameo in the next Holderness video, who is it?

Kristin Bell and Dax Shepard. Package deal.

Most amazing place you have gone in your travels?

Hawaii. Particularly the southern shores of Kauai. Our whole family was really bummed when we had to leave.

The family you’d like to vacation with more:The Griswolds or The Fockers?

Griswolds and not even close.